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Peter Mbah, Ndi’Enugu And The Dawn Of A New Era. – Professionals For Good Governance



With May 29, 2023 a few days away, and the inauguration of brand new State Executive Governors in 28 States of the Federation, we are concerned about the quality of leadership and the prospects before us. And we wish our incoming Chief Executives the best.

It is trite to state that we keenly followed the entire electoral process leading to the February 25th Presidential and National Assembly elections, and the March 18th Governorship and State Assembly elections. We x-rayed the manifestos of the candidates and assessed their preparedness to improve the lot of the people, and to make their States better. We hope and pray that they all live true to what they said on paper.

Interestingly, one of the candidates exuded an uncommon preparedness and clear-headedness throughout the period of Campaign, and has continued to inspire great hope even after the election. The Governor Elect of Enugu State Barrister Peter Mbah comes to the Party with a bag full of ideas. And we wish him well.

Indeed, his extraordinary disposition to the task ahead was manifest from the start, from his campaign manifesto to the grasp of the issues and the challenges facing Enugu State; from his commitment to berthing a New Enugu State to the passion that saw him through the electoral process; and from his promise to light up Enugu, and provide Pipe borne within the first 180days of his stewardship, Barrister Peter Ndubuisi Mbah offers renewed hope to Ndi’Enugu.

There is a fervency in the land that calls for responsible and responsive watchmen at different leadership strata, it is that fervency that inspires our group to search out and align with Leaders who are ready to lead right. We are committed to supporting the prepared to do justice to the letters of their manifesto, whilst challenging those who apparently may not be very prepared to take a cue from those who like Barrister Peter Mbah shows the readiness to hit the ground running from the moment he takes the Oath of Office.

Clearly Ndi’Enugu are set for a new dawn, a new deal and a new day in leadership. It is palpable, we feel it, and we can see so much happening even before the Swearing-In of the incoming Governor of Enugu State Barrister Peter Mbah.

Are you aware that at his personal cost, facilities and materials necessary for the lighting up of strategic areas in the State, and materials relevant for the Pipe borne water he promised within his first 180 days are being assembled?

Are you aware that he has assembled a Team of Experts, Technocrats, Eggs heads, Professionals and Ideologues to give life and proactive strategic input to the details of his manifesto, a document he respects as proof his social contract with Ndi’Enugu?

Are you aware that Barrister Peter Mbah is not just a Technocrat in Politics, but a Lawyer, an accomplished Businessman and one who has the requisite governmental experience necessary to take Enugu State to a new pedestal. Are you aware that he is Competent, that he has the Capacity, that he is Credible, that he is Compassionate and that he has the Commitment necessary and relevant to build an Enugu State that works for all?

As the Peter Ndubuisi Mbah era beckons we wish Ndi’Enugu the best, and pray that the Almighty grant the incoming Governor the candour and the composure to deliver, and to make real the elaborate promises and projections he has on paper.

We wish Ndi’Enugu the best, and pray that across the States of the Federation leaders become responsible and responsive to the people.

As Barrister Peter Ndubuisi Mbah takes over as the Governor of Enugu State on the 29th of May, 2023, we wish him well. And say Congratulations to Ndi’Enugu.

Engr. Ogbonna Nwaiwu
Professionals For Good Governance PFGG.

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