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*…As a staff indulges in name-dropping of the First Lady*

A plot to sponsor false, damaging news stories online against the Director/CEO of the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU), Mr. Modibbo Tukur has been uncovered.

Sources close to the financiers of the damaging propaganda disclosed that the plotters have already given cash backing of the contract to the editors and managers of a “fringe online newspaper known as Quest Times for onward distribution to other willing online newspapers”.

The source also explained why the office of the NFIU helmsman has become the target of the plotters and their alliance with Quest Times: ” The head of NFIU, which is the prime agency in Nigeria responsible for combating money laundering and terrorism financing is a very strategic position and has international impact on the country’s global image and ranking, being a member of the prestigious Egmont Group of FIUs.”
Another source revealed that the The Quest has of late “managed to line-up false and damaging news series containing cooked up allegations and accusations against Mr. Modibbo Tukur as the incumbent Director/CEO of NFIU who has less than 6 months remaining of his tenure.”

The source further explained this: “The reason for these allegations is not hidden from discerning minds as it is to pave way for the sacking of the Director/CEO.
We were reliably informed that Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of Redeem Christian Church of God is pushing for the appointment of one Mrs. Biola Shotande (a member of his church) and a staff of NFIU to take over from the incumbent, contrary to public service protocols, as she is not the most senior staff of the agency.”

Explaining further, the source pointed out that “Pastor Adeboye is said to be soliciting for the assistance of the First Lady Mrs. Remi Tinubu (who is also a pastor of the church) in his venture.

“Mrs Biola Shotande is rumoured to have reached out to some former staff of the NFIU in a bid to get them back to the Unit to assist her run the agency upon her appointment hoping the current NFIU boss would be sacked. Whilst some declined her offer, others agreed, pending when she takes over.”

An anonymous source that corroborated the insider dealings said: “Strangely, amongst those former staff she reached out to were two of the staff dismissed by the Unit allegedly for unethical practices, and whose dismissal was affirmed by the Court of Appeal.”

Already, a cross-section of industry players are disturbed by the rumoured pendency of the dismissal of Mr. Modibbo Tukur and appointment of Mrs. Biola Shotande, since it portends grave danger for Nigeria’s financial system, as the international community of AML/CFT will frown at such action, especially now that Nigeria is under the FATF ‘Grey List’. There are also fears that in the event of unwarranted dismissal of the NFIU boss, the Egmont Group will suspend Nigeria’s memebership because security of tenure of Heads of FIUs is held very serious by the body.

Reports have it that Mrs. Biola Shotande has been parading herself as the de-facto Director/CEO of NFIU, boasting that the first lady has assured her of the appointment and her name submitted to DSS for screening.

For now, industry players are restless, considering that no serious infraction has been established against the incumbent.

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