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Public Lecture and Award: Why We Are Honouring Them



At KWARARAFA REPORTERS we have noticed a few Nigerians that we believe deserved to be clapped for. Now, this is not your run-of-the-mill awards event -the type that’s designed for pecuniary rewards by award merchants running around in their flattery circus. Those kind of awards make a mockery of performance and muddle up what should be a sombre and hallowed exercise. The award merchants make nonsense of true and pure intentions, thus creating a huge credibility problem for any award-giving venture.

Yet, honour must be given to whom it’s due as the Holy Writs aptly said. Our nominees were this picked without their knowledge as it should be. We then present them the invite and inquire if they are willing to accept our humble gestures.

And, irrespective of their varied background, our nominees have something in common. They are men fired by zeal and a profound commitment to excellence. So whether it is the vibrant though self effacing Governor of kogi state or swashbuckling Governor of Borno State or the Outspoken Deputy Senate President from the Niger dalta , or the Ogbeni himself who have transformed the ministry of interior , amongst many others, these men have etched themselves in our consciousness. Their unique contributions become the stepping blocks for a better future.

At the heart of the awards is the issue of One Nigeria and our countinue unity.

Our nation needs men and women who put national interest above all other considerations.

This is the time for serious People and we can’t to miss the moment.

We have real problems and it is only ideas and hard work that can pull us back from the precipice.

The event seek to applaud the factors that will lead to a better society: diligence, hard-work, personal integrity and leadership.

Abel Augustine (MD/ED) Kwararafareporters

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