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Rescue Movement Condemns Killing of Soldiers, Emphasizes on the Need for Military to Stay out of Civil Matter, Promises Aids to the Innocent Victims. 



Rescue Movement Condemns Killing of Soldiers, Emphasizes on the Need for Military to Stay out of Civil Matter, Promises Aids to the Innocent Victims.

The leadership of Rescue The Vulnerable Initiative Aka Rescue Movement For New Nigeria has condemned in the highest terms the killing of our gallant soldiers and deeply sympathized with the bereaved families. “Our hearts and thoughts are with them. And it is criminal for citizens to put laws into their hands to kill military personnel and we ask the community leaders to fish out those who were behind the killings for justice and to serve as deterrent to others on the future”.


While speaking to newsmen in Enugu, the Director General of Rescue The Vulnerable Initiative (aka Rescue Movement For New Nigeria), Martins Chiedozie Ugwu, noted that the ugly event that took place in Delta state with our gallant soldiers again opened the conversation on the implication of using Soldiers on civil matters. In his words “it has become necessary now more than ever for the authorities concerned to work on minimizing the involvement of Nigeria Army in civil or internal issues”. Comrade Ugwu who is also the Secretary General of Africa Thinkers Union stated that Outside the issue of banditry and activities of extremists, our gallant soldiers don’t have any reason to go for any arrest or involve themselves in communal disputes. “This is purely the work of other sister agencies and not the army. The army should be concerned with the territorial integrity of the country.


“Yes, soldiers are very important in maintaining peace and security. There is no doubt about it that the Nigerian Army is well-trained and equipped for internal security operations. But not every here and there, the soldiers are called upon to intervene. We must work together to avoid this temptation. We must work together to ensure this ugly incident does not happen again. There is a clear understanding of the role of the police and that of the military in Nigeria. The Nigerian police maintains law and order while the Nigerian Army protects the national borders from external invasion, quells insurrections, and carries out internal security operations especially those that threaten the existence of the country. The issue between Okoloba and Okuoma people in Delta State is purely a civil matter and soldiers shouldn’t be involved


“We are using this opportunity to call on the Nigerian government not only to strenghten our police but the Nigerian Police should be well funded and equipped to discharge their legal duties effectively to demilitarize the society. We make bold to state that the Nigerian Army is overstretched, especially on issues they shouldn’t get involved in the first place.


“As a people, the peace and security of the country remain our responsibility and no one should drag our soldiers into things ordinarily they shouldn’t get involved. The event in Delta should serve as a warning to the general public especially those in authority to observe caution in involving the military in civil matters. We call on Nigerians to please as a matter of urgency assist the community whose houses have been burnt and livelihood destroyed. These people need our assistance in any way possible. We are calling on relevant authorities and agencies to provide these innocent members of the communities with the necessary aid to feed and provide shelter for the displaced members of the community.”


Noting further that as an organization, Rescue The Vulnerable Initiative has not only come to rescue the country from its current state, “but we will do our best to assist both the bereaved families of the slain soldiers and those communities razed. Our skilled volunteers and donors will be on hand to help provide shelter and items for the members of the communities. We will continue to support the government where necessary and work assiduously to deliver a new Nigeria. This is an opportunity for all of us the Nigerian masses to join forces with Rescue The Vulnerable Initiative so that we can build the Nigeria of our dreams because we have a new spirit. Thanks to our dedicated team especially Faduri Oluwadare Joseph, the former Labour Party presidential candidate for being such a great Comrade, especially for his effort to ensure that those communities and the families of the slain soldiers receive help.


“In a working society, the army doesn’t have any reason to be in the street talk of intervening in civil matters. This is our vision for the country. A country where our security personnel will not be slaughtered like cows in their own country. This is totally unacceptable and should be condemned by all”, he concluded.

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