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Security And Protection of Lives And Property Is Cardinal To The Imo Reset Project of General Lincoln Jack Ogunewe Rtd



To Ndi’Imo, to the many followers of South East politics, and Ndi’Igbo in general the day is here, and the moment before us. The call for a leader the people can trust, and the prayers for a Governor that will make the security of lives and property and indeed human capital development a matter of urgency and primacy have been answered. In Retired Major General Lincoln Jack Ogunewe the Governorship Candidate of the Action Alliance is the desire and the hope for a New Imo State encapsulated.

The Umudim-Akpodim, Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State born Major General who rose to the second position in the Nigerian Army before his retirement in 2018 at the age of 55 stands head and shoulder above the other candidates running for the Imo State Governorship polls. And he is apparently the most qualified, the most competent, the most capable, the most credible and the most committed to the dream of an Imo State that works for all.

He had an unblemished career in the Armed Forces, he served in various Foreign Missions including the United Nations, and represented Nigeria with proven capacity, competency and credibility in every front that duty opened to him. General Ogunewe as fondly called is a man that believes in the pristine values of leadership which is service to the people, to the nation and to humankind.

He is an astute believer in the ideals of The Obidient Movement, a staunch Peter Obi supporter, and he leads the challenge for a New Deal, a New Dawn and a New Day in Imo State. The project Reset Imo which is the broad theme of his Manifesto as he powers to the Government House in Owerri is a researched document that underscores his passion and predilection for an Imo State that works.

As General Ogunewe launches his campaign in Owerri the capital city of Imo State on the 28th of July, 2023, the IMO RESET Agenda most certainly is the beacon light of hope for a State pillaged by those who claim to be leaders, it is the doorway to the Security of lives and property in a State tyrannized by villains whose villainy has the imprimatur of those who occupy Douglas House, Owerri; and the Imo Reset Agenda promises to serve Ndi’Imo meritoriously and to restore the values of responsible and responsive leadership for which Imo was known under Dee Sam Mbakwe.

The Imo Reset Project sets out the Dream for a New Imo State in three broad thematic areas, the first is Security, Justice and Protection of Human Rights. The second is to Tackle Unemployment and Improve on the Production Capacity of Imolites ditto the Abolition of Poverty. And the third is Infrastructure, Well-being and Quality of Life, under which it emphasizes the primacy of Education, Healthcare, Agriculture and Vocational training cum Skill acquisition.

General Ogunewe and his Team of Eggheads consisting of ideologues and Technocrats at home and in the Diaspora, leading and passionate OBIDIENTS and Nigerians who believe that ‘we must get leadership right’ are poised to stop at nothing until the Imo Redemption is perfected through the Imo Reset Project of General Ogunewe the Governorship Candidate of the Action Alliance AA.

Come November 2023 when Ndi’Imo shall be voting for a new helmsman to occupy the Government House, Owerri, we are sure that the people will Vote for General Lincoln Jack Ogunewe Rtd. knowing without equivocation that a vote for OGUNEWE is a Vote for Competency, Capacity, Compassion, Commitment, Character and Credibility.

We therefore implore great Sons and Daughters of Imo State to join the Movement for a New Imo State by supporting the Imo Reset Project, we call on the Obidient Movement to remain committed to the pristine values for which we are known by supporting General Ogunewe, and we call on all good governance advocates to come with us as we take Imo State back for good.

A New Imo State is Possible. WE MOVE, WE WIN.


Hardy Onyinyechukwu Biaduo
Imo Redemption Group.

Chigozie Ifeanyichukwu Alex
UpNorth Ambassadors For Peter Obi.

Marcel Ngogbehei
DG, Good Governance Institute (GGI)


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