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Severe Floods In Kenya Kill 174



UN: 350,000 People In Congo Need Humanitarian Aid Due To Flooding

The death toll from the relentless and severe floods in Kenya, spurred by an unusually active rainy season linked to the El Nino weather phenomenon, has risen to 174 following the confirmation of six additional flood-related fatalities.

According to Kenyan radio station Capital FM, the recent casualties occurred due to a landslide in central Kiambu County and the flooding of a gold mine in southwestern Migori County.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) highlighted that the flooding has destroyed numerous rural homes, displacing thousands of individuals. Additionally, vast stretches of farmland have been submerged, and livestock losses due to drowning have been reported.

Many of the worst-affected regions, relying heavily on herding for sustenance, are still reeling from the aftermath of the most severe drought experienced in the area in four decades.

The convergence of the drought, heavy rainfall, and extreme temperatures is expected to further exacerbate the economic situation in Kenya.

This Eastern African country anticipates continued heavy rainfall until January 2024, potentially extending the impact of the devastating floods and exacerbating the challenges faced by communities already struggling with the aftermath of the disaster.


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