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STAND UP NIGERIA urges Kyari to Remain Focused, Undeterred in his Efforts to Rebrand NNPCL



STAND UP NIGERIA has urge Mele Kyari to remain focused and undeterred in his efforts to rebrand NNPCL and provide best management practices to actualize President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s proactive agenda in the oil sector.
Sunday Attah speaking for the group in a press conference on Friday said politicians and mischievous Civil society groups in the past days have vehemently tried to cast aspersions and malign the hard-earned reputation of the NNPCL GCEO, Mele Kyari, when they said many unprintable things against this professionally run organization with the highest esprit-de-corps, as well as high morale of the staff and management of NNPCL.
Attah said the the group attention has been drawn to a sponsored fake news skewed narrative circulating in some section of the media driven by some disgruntled, over zealous politicians who have lost focus on their legislative functions even before they start with the tittle *52 Rep Members, CSOs Demand Immediate Sack Of NNPCL GCEO, Kyari.*
“In their fictitious claim that Nigerians get more frustrated and impoverished after the removal of fuel subsidy and no palliative measures.”
“Same of the 50 serving Members of the House of representative who were behind this mischief has since join the league of Abuja politicians and since their election has not even visited their constituency. It is clear that we will not dignify them by mentioning their names.”
“It is obvious that anyone calling for the sack of the NNPCL GCEO, Mele Kyari, is completely backward in the news and current affairs of Nigeria.”
“We see those behind this as political jobbers and willing tools of blackmail, who go about castigating one organization after another in a bid to settle scores on behalf of their bankrollers, thereby currying undeserved favour.”
“They are fifth columnists and agent provocateurs for their fake rumour-mill and candidly advised them to engage themselves in lucrative and progressive endeavours to earn a decent living, instead of going about telling tales without iota of facts or empirical evidence whatsoever.”
“Mr Speaker sir, we demand that you call and forward the names of this members to the chairman Ethics Committee to investigate and take the needed action on those members.”
“Let it be known to most importantly the new legislators that the legislative arm of government has its medium of communication with the Executive, head of agencies and parastatals through appropriate committees of the house charge with that responsibility. This members who has brought a new game of blackmail into the house must be discipline so it saves as warning to anyone intending to do same.”
“Mr Speaker sir, don’t allow any member or anyone to bring the house to disrepute, we voted for them to represent us and legislate not to use their position for blackmail and illicit earnings.”
“STAND UP NIGERIA warns the low self esteem politicians/members to stay off and advice Nigerians to disregard the innuendoes orchestrated against the NNPCL GCEO. Mele Kyari and if their conscience is intact and they are patriotic enough they should as a matter of urgency apologize to the GCEO, NNPCL and Nigerians, because of their sacrilegious publications.”
“It is on record that Mele Kyari made a historic payment of interim dividend into the federal account in less than three months into the stoppage of the subsidy payment? Since, Kyari came into office, NNPCL have recorded N287 billion profit in 2020, N674 million in 2021 and minimized the NNPCL losses from N803 billion to as low as N1.5 million. Recall the role played by Mallam Mele Kyari to ensure the passage of the landmark petroleum industrial act (PIA), for the deregulation of the petroleum sector. Mallam Kyari is best described as the goose that lays the golden eggs in NNPCL.”
“As foremost champions and advocates of accountability, good governance and transparency in public service in Nigeria, these malicious ethnic coloration and casting of aspersions on management is not only detrimental to good governance practice, but as well a threat to the NNPCL and Nigerian as a whole.”
“We therefore advise that these malicious publications in reference, should be regarded as null and void and of no consequence whatsoever, and should be disregarded, disparaged and discountenanced by all well-meaning Nigerians.”
“STAND UP NIGERIA can attest to the giant strides so far achieved in spite of the daunting challenges as a result of the strategic directions, policies and programmes of the present GCEO, aimed at entrenching career progression, effective supervision and regulating of the NNPCL.”
“Kyari is a trailblazer and a perfect gentleman following his wonderful performance within the period in view as the GCEO in NNPCL.”
“So many people have described him as God sent to the NNPCL and voted his appointment and performance to be one of the wisest decision made by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to retain him.”
“Prominent among this achievement are; the genuine award of pipeline security contract to Mr. Government Ekpemupolo and his TANTITA pipeline surveillance outfit which has ended crude oil stealing and uncover countless culprits.”
“Another is the successful eradication of artisanal refineries in the Niger Delta, which has drastically reduced pollution and given live back to our wide life.”
“Also, he averted so much bloodshed that was common in the Niger Delta, which was brought about by gangs that recruit and armed youths for their criminality and other selfish gratifications.”
“It is in view of the foregoing that STAND UP NIGERIA hereby wilfully passes a “Vote of Confidence” on the NNPCL GCEO, Mele Kyari for the current institutional capacity building and repositioning that can best be compared with international best practices. “
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