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Tinubu Won’t Govern From Abroad, Says Onanuga



President-elect Bola Tinubu will not govern the country from abroad, Bayo Onanuga, his spokesman, has said.

While speaking on Trust TV’s Daily Politics, the former managing director of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) spoke on what the president-elect would most likely do in his first 10 days in office.

Responding to some Nigerians who are saying that Tinubu may rule from London like President Muhammadu Buhari at a certain time, Onanuga said that won’t happen.

He said, “You cannot imagine the kind of pressure people who are looking for positions in the government are piling on ordinary members of the committee, not to talk of the president-elect. People have been bringing all manner of requests.

“So, as the press release rightly pointed out, the travel was just to avoid pressure and distraction.

“He wanted to go to London to see his grandchildren, but I think that at the last minute he decided not to go. He came back home instead.

“Also, he was in Saudi Arabia before the elections, so he decided not to go there again. So he decided to cut those ones and then decided to come home.”

On whether the president-elect would settle fully in Nigeria and face the challenges ahead, he said, “I believe he would do so. But you know we now live in a global village, as they say.

“So, even if he is in Russia, he can hold zoom meetings and do all kinds of things. But I can assure you that he will be here physically to do his job. He will not be an absentee kind of president,” he added.

Coincidentally, both Tinubu and Buhari are currently in Europe.

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