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Understanding Amnesty International As A Third Force – By Emmanuel Ome



To a sleepy and unprepared world, global terrorism has caught it in deep slumber. All nations of the world have admitted the destructive potency of terrorism which is fast ravaging humanity in all ramifications. But terrorism is not Covid-19 pandemic, so cannot defile solution, if the world sincerely unites against it.

From America to London, Africa and a lot more, the foundation of terrorism laid in the Middle East has spread its fury unimaginably. Most astonishing, is the dozen covert financiers, organizations, agents, supporters and sympathizers of terrorism all over the world, who front the façade of empathy for humanity, but work behind the scenes for the prosperity of terror sects.

On the surface, most of these surfeits of interests pretend global engagements for conventional humanitarian works. But ironically, they are the demonic forces used to export global terrorism to other countries. Another serious snag is that some of these repulsive groups are only known by their actions; but many more still enjoy anonymity and keeps exploiting the ignorance of an apathetic world.

Nigeria is trapped in this mess. Since Boko Haram insurgency started in Nigeria some 10 years back, external forces are more determined now more than ever to ensure terrorism does not depart the shores of the country. The Federal Government has spent stupendous amounts of public funds, especially in the last five years to extinguish the fire of terrorism.

But the impact is not exactly commensurate with the monetary and human resources committed into the counter-terrorism operations in the country. When Nigerians thought Boko Haram was decimated, severely weakened and at the verge of absolute extermination in the country by state forces, external reinforcement came to strengthen it. Therefore, splinter groups emerged to enliven the terrorism battle against Nigeria on different fronts simultaneously.

That’s how Nigeria has ended up in the jaw of multiple terror sects, the most potent of them being the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) terrorism sect, a part from Boko Haram. The external plots or conspiracy to destabilize and destroy Nigeria are impenetrably dark. Nigerians yet to understand these devious schemes should spare time to keenly monitor these developments.

It is incredible that Nigeria has been reduced to a sulking baby, swimming in a volley of internal crises at the moment because surrogates of external forces are pushing the destructive agenda very tenaciously. While the Nigerian Army has wholeheartedly committed itself to the counter-insurgency operations, resulting into the appreciable respite Nigerians enjoy; the terrorists kingpins have weaponized cyberspace terrorism against the county.

The elevation of cyberspace terrorism is beneficial to the promoters in two ways-it bolsters the terrorists to strive to commit more atrocities by an imposed feeling of false triumph and might. And secondly, it opens the doors for European and western countries to deny Nigeria access to the right weaponry to battle terrorists, citing violations of human rights in the prosecution of the counter-insurgency offensives and thus, goaded to enforce the Leahy Act prohibition of arms purchase on Nigeria.

The implication is that while there seems to be a global conspiracy to deprive Nigeria of weapons it seeks to purchase legitimately to fight Boko Haram and ISWAP terrorism; the same weapons illegally and easily travel from any part of the world to land in the hands of terrorists in Nigeria. If not because of the internal efforts of the Nigerian Military under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari to evolve homemade weapons to battle terrorists, the situation would have been messier.

Therefore, Amnesty International’s (AI) portrait in some Africa countries, particularly Nigeria has indicated the organization’s active conscription into the propaganda wing of terror sects in the continent. It is believed AI has gleefully and unarguably picked up the battle in some African countries on behalf of foreign terrorists sponsors in the pretext of fighting for human rights abuses.

Ordinarily, the ideal work of Amnesty International as global watch dogs on human rights violations is a noble enterprise. Everyone prays and aspires to exist in a world where his basic fundamental human rights are protected from abuse by state authorities. It is consoling that AI has dedicated itself as a third force to compel nations of the world to conduct themselves in a civilized manner on this aspect.

But ludicrously, the third force of Amnesty International is thoroughly abused by the operations of this human rights organization very shamefully. Often and very unreasonably, AI beams its searchlight in Nigeria, especially on counter-insurgency operations, but prefers or shows a nauseating penchant to protect the human rights of terrorists more than the innocent and law-abiding citizens, whose human rights are brazenly violated by the swords of terror sects.

Those who think Amnesty International is oblivious of the beneficial card it is playing must be kidding. Its agenda is to promote terrorism and other conflicts in Africa, intent on destabilizing the continent as endorsed by their foreign paymasters, who are determined to coercively re-colonize Africa to impose their barbaric version of an Islamic State.

An AI’s task as observable today is simple! It is to keep the countries in Africa under the spell of terrorism and other conflicts prostrate by senselessly amplifying non-existent human rights violations in order to deprive them of weapons to fight back the terrorists. It is common knowledge that almost all Africa countries lack the required capacity to manufacture indigenous weapon, with the technological sophistry to effectively combat the atrocities and horrendous crimes terrorists commit against humanity.

An inquisitive world should demand to know from Amnesty International why the organization has less presence and interest in the decades of festering terrorism in the Middle East? The United Nations (UN) has over-depended on paper work to curb global terrorism. It is time to stretch beyond the veneer to uncover the massive web of terrorists’ networks tormenting the world.

It raises a blindfolding dust that in countries like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and hordes of others which are famed for nurturing, nourishing and exporting global terrorism to the rest of the world go unnoticed by AI. And these countries also harbour countless terrorists lynchpins who are sponsoring the mindless destruction of humanity and sustained disruption of global security as well as peace. But Amnesty International has consistently hedged in drawing the attention of the world to the inherent human rights abuses perpetrated in these countries.

Amnesty International’s obsession is with Africa. The human rights organization reels out hourly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports of human rights violations in African countries under the menace of terrorism and other internal violent conflicts. Kenya, Sudan, Somalia, Mali, Niger, Chad, Cameroun, Nigeria and a dozen others have suffered Amnesty International’s deliberate acts of international sabotage and wickedness in the guise of protecting human rights; but the concealed agenda is actually different.

It is to carve a smooth path for incapacitation of these African countries in the face of ravaging terrorism through an enfeebled warfare strength to withstand the disgusting terrorists. While terrorists regale in strength, the nations groan under the suffocating pressures of terrorists in protecting her peoples.

But now that the antics of Amnesty International are known, they cannot intimidate anybody. Truth must be told boldly, and plainly! Henceforth, Amnesty International must be cautious in its operations, especially in Nigeria. The desperation of fabricating tales on human rights violations in Nigeria to justify the sumptuous stipends from paymasters will no longer be tolerated.

Operators of Amnesty International should do themselves a timely and great favour by listening to one of the lyrics of the Nigerian-born Afrobeat king and sensation, Mr. Fela Anikulapo- Kuti; in the album “Beast of No Nation.” A verse in the touchy and scathing song says, “Human rights na my property/ So therefore, you can’t dash me my property.” Amnesty International cannot claim to love Nigerians more than Nigerians themselves or the Nigerian Government. It applies to any other country in Africa. It is the solemn oath of every Government to protect her citizens.

Therefore, AI cannot claim to protect the human rights of Nigerians more than the Nigerian Government and her institutions. Its delusive for AI to think it is protecting human rights in Nigeria; while it is actually on a veiled mission of subversion of Nigeria and other African countries by playing the third force for the destabilization of Africa and her peoples. Enough of AI’s leading of the propaganda wing of all terrorists’ organizations in the country because in all circumstances, interests of the majority take the front burner.

Ome writes from the school of African studies, University of Nigeria Nsukka.

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