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UNICEF Introduces Zero Dose For Unvaccinated Children In Kurmin Shehu



By Mustapha Saye

As part of its campaign to ensure zero tolerance on killer diseases such as ditheria and polio, the United Nations Children’s Funds Team have conducted an outreach tour of community of Kurmin Shehu in Soba Local Government Area of Kaduna State .

The aim of the outreach is to assess the impact of zero dose program aimed at identifying unimmunized persons such as pregnant women and children who are mostly affected by the diseases.

During the tour, the team discovered that Kurmin Shehu have actually fallen behind in provision of services such primary health care facilities, clean water and community health workers .

Furthermore, the team discovered that community health workers abd caregivers are subjected to harrowing conditions in their quest to provide services to pregnant women and children .

This situation has led to the death of not a few children and pregnant women but it has also led to complications during childbirth .

The UNICEF Team whose aims are to ensure total halt to the degrading health situation of the area met with community leaders of Kurmin Shehu in order to locate children and pregnant who are venurable so that they can be vaccinated, counselled and attached with caregivers if possible

To this end, the UNICEF Team is intensifying vits Zero Dose Children which seeks to have every children vaccinated in Kurmin Shehu.

The youths and community leaders who could not contain their happiness, pleged to support the UNICEF in it’s efforts to wipe out killer disease in their community



Mallam Ibrahim a village of Kurmin Shehu expressed his joy and happiness to UNICEF for their concern for the plight of children

He said many of their children died as the results of killer diseases such as diphtheria, polio and many don’t have access to basic Care but with this development, they are grateful to UNICEF

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