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We Lost Nine Members In Plateau Attacks, Baptist Church Mourns



The Nigerian Baptist Convention has decried the killing of its members in Plateau State by gunmen.

It was learnt that nine members of the church were among those killed in the Dares community when gunmen attacked several Plateau communities on Christmas Eve.

A member of the church, Ishaya Moses, who survived the attack, confirmed the killing of the church members when the President, Plateau Baptist Conference, Rev. K.K. Saleh, visited the community on Wednesday

“Nine Baptist church members were killed during the attack on Dares community in Bokkos LGA. The victims worship at Nasara Baptist church here.

“After the killings, the terrorists put on the church generator in the night to celebrate their evil deed,” Ishaya told the Baptist president.

Another Baptist member, Malan Maju, who lost his wife and son said the victims had been given a mass burial.

The President, who expressed shock over the killings and the extent of the destruction, berated the high level of insecurity in the country for the past years without any meaningful solution from the security agencies.

He encouraged the people to remain strong despite the sad incident.

He said, “We, the Plateau Baptist Conference, are here on behalf of the Nigerian Baptist Conference as a whole to extend our heartfelt condolences on the unfortunate incident that happened to this community. We’ve informed the convention president and this incident has been broadcast hoping that the whole world will hear of it.

“Our prayer is that since we’ve cried out our pains to the whole world, we hope that something will be done about it.

“Even though we’ve lost a lot of people, God is still with us.”

Saleh pleaded with the people not to retaliate against the attacks, adding, “If we want to revenge ourselves, we can only judge those that have wronged us but we cannot recover what we’ve lost especially the dead but God has the power to bless the family. So, we should give God the chance to give out his reward. I’m pleading with us all.

“All this can bring in confusion, sadness and blame amongst us which can cause division. This is the time for us to calm down, I’m pleading with us to calm down.

“As for the youth, this isn’t the right time for us to be intoxicated with drugs because it will not protect us. This is the time for us to listen to both our parents and the church so that we won’t die in vain. We will try our best to announce it to the whole world believing that help comes from God. May God help, protect and guide us.”

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