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We Won’t Allow People Or Organizations To Obstruct Ongoing Projects – Wike



We Won't Allow People Or Organizations To Obstruct Ongoing Projects - Wike

The Federal Capital Territory’s Minister, Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, has declared that no organization or person within the territory will be permitted to impede on-going projects. He further stated that any obstacle put in the way of a road project needs to be taken down.

Following an inspection of the ongoing road construction at Guzape Lot 2, as well as Roads B6 and B12, Wike made this announcement on Thursday in Abuja.

While he expressed satisfaction with the level of works, Wike however frowned at reports that a federal lawmaker had obstructed the Guzape project. He also ordered the removal of a security barricade around the Central Bank of Nigeria fence which had obstructed the construction of Road B6.

He said; “There is one setback which we just noticed there, about a House of Representatives member trying to stop the company from further construction. We are not going to take it lightly.We are not going to take it lightly. This is not a private project, it is a public project, handled by the Federal Capital Territory Administration. If there is any complaint, we think that whoever is responsible should complain to us and not to go and use Police to stop a legitimate company constructing roads for the use of the public, which was approved by the Federal Executive Council.

“We have directed the contractors to go back and make sure they don’t heed to that so called stoppage. They must go back and complete the work, which we are expecting that Mr President will Commission in May.

“Coming to the B6 and B12 Area, we are happy with the work done by Julius Berger. We are very happy, and we have observed some obstructions by the Central Bank, which of course, we will not allow. You see, one thing with institutions is that when they apply for land, and they are trying to give them, they will go beyond what was given to them, and it causes obstruction. I have always said anything for the public, we will not take it for granted. So, we want the Central Bank to allow us use what belongs to us for the interest of the public”, he said.

Wike however expressed happiness that no project had been stopped since the inauguration of President Bola Tinubu, adding that after the May deadline, other projects should be handed over to the public by December 2.

“By and large, we are very happy with what we are seeing and you can attest to the fact that since Mr President came on board, no work has stopped in all these sites. There are so many other sites, but it will be difficult to take all at the same time. But we believe after May, before December 2, so many projects will be handed over to members of the public”, he added.

Wike also dismissed insinuations that he was not carrying along, the Senator representing the FCT, Ireti Kingibe.

She serves as my senator and ensures that the interests of the FCT are taken into account when they are in the legislature. Thus, I don’t give out contracts, if that’s what you mean. The Federal Executive Council is in charge of awarding contracts. I’ll add her voice to anything I think the National Assembly should hear about the Federal Capital Territory, he said.

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