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Who is now leader of Taraba politics? You are right. Kefas




Rilwanu Adamu

A rather taciturn and seemingly laid back figure, Lt Col Agbu Kefas (rtd) is now the ultimate leader of Taraba state politics. You doubt this at your perils. Don’t be fooled by that serene appearance. He holds all the aces and it is doubtful if any one can upturn that dominance in its form and essence. Among the many things Kefas can do now is also determine who eventually takes over from him after his two tenures for two tenures he shall surely do. It is the most important power of a Chief Executive of a state: the ability to manage the transition and become a godfather. Many believe Kefas has what he takes to pull that off. The election that produced him gave him an edge in the political history of the state. It was a poll that tested the strength and weaknesses of the state’s fault lines. At the end, it was very clear that the ruling PDP would remain the party that can constantly produce a Governor for the state.

Beyond this is what has clearly emerged as the peculiar appeal of the Kefas brand: fresh and very promising. He’s young and enchanting and has carried the youth force of the state behind him at the campaigns. He’s clearly their product and would remain so for long.

Moreover, with his party controlling the legislative arm, it is doubtful if any other party would outgrow the PDP. This on its own is a testimony to the capacity of the ruling party in the firm vice like hold of Kefas.

Consequently, with the current governor out of the equation having failed to make it to the Senate, Kefas becomes the direct inheritor of what remains of the Darius political structure. It is a structure Kefas will fuse into his own and make it more formidable.

Meanwhile, it would be difficult for any party to reach a place where it can favorably compete with the PDP. The main APC is greatly punctured. The NNPP may fizzle out at the end. Erstwhile political gladiators would be easily wooed by the very appealing Kefas who has a knack for making opponents relaxed around him.

On a personal level, the former military intelligence boss, is regarded as a super sleuth whose uncanny ability to read situation is second to none. How he negotiated his way to the top almost noiseless has become a major factor in the power profiles of the state.

Kefas comes to office with a wealth of connections from within and outside the country. Calm and collected, he’s not your regular politician. Watchers believe that with sterling performance, he will continue to enjoy his rather rock star appeal into the coming years. Taraba finally found the Ultimate “babban Taraba”

Adamu is a political commentator based in Gassol

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