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Why Nigerian Youths Earnestly Yearn for Ambassador Funmi Ayinke



Is it truly “a man’s World?” It is known that, the effects of great power and strong ideology in the production of meaning in a country, though often hidden, gradually come to form an integral part of social systems and structures. Within Nigeria’s sociopolitical space, from a position of control and power, most politicians often seek to project their selfish ideologies as the norm into popular discourses that influence social systems and structures. They, for instance, propagate narratives of themselves as laced with high integrity and in favour of the masses and national interest, yet underneath exist apathy, animosity, personal interests and ambitions for control and power. In profanity, they become gender dogmatic; pushing the wrong notion to upcoming female political aspirants that, the top position are destined for the male politicians, and only an assistant position can be considered as zenith achievement for any female politician.

This were men that started their political visions as vibrant youths, with endearing positive changes in creating a better Nigeria, but soon themselves became swallowed up in the ocean of diverse corruption, forgetting the dust of foundation they stepped. Should the political abuse of positions be allowed to continue? Should gender inequality ravage our vision of peace, unity, and development in this country? We say “NO” to all these.

During political elections, these narratives are subtly pushed into campaign promises and electioneering strategies. The subtlety of these politicians can also be considered as a concept of hegemony in which a dominant group seeks to procure the consent of a subservient group to its existing social order, position and expectations. Counter narratives in resistance to such unfavourable political negotiation by politicians have however also arisen in Nigeria’s sociopolitical discourses. These unscrupulous actions are particularly considered unfit for Clean governance and lacking in integrity.

Nigeria since over sixty years of independence has experienced growth and setbacks simultaneously, with every leader. Although there have been great moments in history when the people have been proud of their choice of leadership or the leaders that have taken over the government. Nigeria has however experienced major setbacks with certain leaderships that have at some point forced the people to regret their choice of leadership. Nigeria’s government has undergone several changes like most governments of leading nations in the world today but unlike most of these nations, Nigeria has failed to make room for a female president, which one can agree the nation is well overdue for. With the changes that have occurred in history over the years, the world at large has undergone changes, realizing the role that misogyny has played in standing as a road block to the elevation of man kind and the height of achievement man can attain. These changes have been evident in several leading nations where women are in power and are driving the nations to the next level, establishing their place in the international system.

This begs the question, ‘Why have Nigeria not had a female president yet?’ One that we are long overdue for. A female president whose capacity and capabilities will move Nigeria to the next level and establish her place in the international system, someone who will restore the lost glory of our Nation. Nigeria deserves a woman who puts her people first, someone who understands the struggle and does not take for granted the faith the people put in her.
Who is that, better suited for a service of such magnitude other than the woman the youths are clamoring for; Ambassador Funmi Ayike.
The Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director (CEO/MD) of the business conglomerate, FunmiAyinke Nig.Ltd, Engr. Mrs. Dr. Amb. Funmilayo Waheed Adekojo, FNSE is a force that has to be reckoned with. A woman who has uniquely carved a performance excellence identity for herself in the field of mechanical engineering in Nigeria and beyond.

She is woman who prides herself as thoroughly trained and learned, a competent engineer and manager per excellence, who has with years of hard work and thorough academic dedication positively impacted her generation and the nation at large. She has proven herself time and again with the many projects that she has successfully handled both in private and public sectors The CEO/MD, FunmiAyinke Nig.Ltd is said to have found her passion for hard work in the course of her National Yourh Service Corp programme.
In her service year, she had initially served with the Ministry of Works and Housing, Gumel, Jigawa state and had later, at some point, sought a transfer to the Works and Services Department, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State.
Engr. Funmi Atinke’s Outstanding engineering prowess compelled the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) to employ her services for the Mechanical Engineering Unit at the Works and Services Department of the institution. She was assigned and she in no small ways, did her job amazingly well, she perfectly handled the multi-tasks involved in the diverse aspects of engineering and administration for the university.
Her extraordinary competence led the school to handing her some administrative responsibilities which she again diligently took on and handled responsibly, the school eventually elevated her to the position of a trusted member, her works were in no way too little to be recognized.

Another one of her partnership in public projects is the Tetfund project, a partnership that she had dedicated time to seeing through to excellence and the results of these partnership can speak for themselves and her level of competence.

Apart from her ability to completely deliver with projects handed over to her, Ambassador Funmi Ayinke is a philanthropist whose care for the needy stands out as remarkable. She has over the years, committed a substantial part of her wealth to solving societal challenges within her reach and reaching out to the poor, the needy and the less privileged who she reaches out through a program founded and funded by her known as FunmiAyinke Humanity Foundation, a job that she best describes as her second passion.

Ambassador Funmi Ayinke has proven herself to be an industrious woman as her business has gone wide, solving not just engineering problems but is also in the oil and gas sector as FunmiAyinke Nig. Ltd. Is a dependable and an ally in running of several lines of filing stations, supply, installation and maintenance of fuel pumps all across the nation.

One thing that endears the youth to Engr. Dr. Mrs. Funmilayo Ayinke however, is her fondness of and commitment to youth development and empowerment. She runs a sponsored weekly online Talent Hunt programme which attracts more than 30,000 participants. She ensures the training of Nigerian Youths on this platform in several fields on self-rediscovery and exploration of the inherent hidden treasures in the youths. The weekly Talent Hunt program after a while it becomes a competition, where only the best five candidates receive cash gift every weekend.

Over the years, Ambassador Funmilayo Ayinke has been recognized by many and has been awarded for her service to humanity and her dedication to improving the state of affairs in the way she possibly can.

Engr. Dr. Mrs. Funmilayo Waheed Adekojo has been recognized, with the “Icon of Societal Development Award,” from the Progressive Student Movement. Today marks another day for the public recognition and acknowledgement of Engr. Dr. Mrs. Funmilayo Waheed Adekojo for her profound service to humanity at home and abroad.

The NigerianNews has found this rare bundle of talents and endless source of nourishment to humanity, Engr. Dr. Mrs. Funmilayo Waheed Adekojo worthy of special recognition with the conferment of the award of the “ Nigerian Woman of the Year 2021.” The award is in recognition of her immensely relentless contributions to the development of the engineering profession, impactful philanthropy, humanitarian services, job creation and women/youth empowerment schemes in Nigeria.

We all should know that it’s truly both Gender’s world. It’s about speaking for equity in our political space. It’s about giving the female child a voice of getting to the apogee of any political positions. It’s about letting our youths know that what a man can do, a woman can truly do it better.

One can agree that by every measuring yardstick, Ambassador Funmilayo Ayinke fits the profile of a woman’s visions and goals would take Nigeria to the next level . Nigeria does not only need a competent female, Nigeria needs a technocrat who could transform the nation for the better, as one can agree that a technocrat government is one that pushes the nation forward until it eventually takes its place in the world .
A female technocrat is definitely the answer we’ve all been looking for, the answer Nigeria needs. It is no wonder the youths are yearning for her. The answer is now here, Nigeria has the answer in Ambassador Funmi Ayinke. Now is time to give a woman the National seat.

Agbese is an author based in Scotland.

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