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Why the people of Gombe should vote M. J. Barde of the PDP as Governor – Hon. Hamagham



In today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing world, having a relatively young and well-exposed leader is more necessary than ever before. While experience is undoubtedly valuable, younger leaders bring unique perspectives, fresh ideas, and innovative solutions to the table in governance and this is what Muhammad Jibrin Barde represents.

A young and well-exposed governor will obviously have a better understanding of modern technology and how it can be leveraged to benefit the state. Growing up in an era where technology was integrated into every aspect of our lives, and as such, more adept at utilizing it. This ability can help Gombe State stay ahead of the curve in terms of innovation, efficiency, and productivity.

Moreover, young leaders are generally more willing to take risks and explore new opportunities. They are not weighed down by the past and are often more open to new ideas, which can lead to the development of novel solutions and ground-breaking innovations. Their willingness to take calculated risks can help stay relevant and competitive in an ever-changing nation.

Young leaders tend to have a better understanding of diverse and global perspectives. Growing up in a more connected world, where cultural exchange and diversity are celebrated.

Going by his trajectories, M. J. Barde has more international experience, and has exposure to different cultures, which can be incredibly valuable in today’s globalized world. As such, he is better equipped to lead Gombe State with a global footprint and can help promote cultural understanding and inclusivity.

M. J. Barde will also bring a certain energy and enthusiasm to his work as governor. He is passionate about his ideas and will be motivated by his vision and purpose to good governance rather than just financial gain. His passion can be contagious, and it can inspire his team and the youth of the state to work harder in order to achieve more significant results.

M. J. Barde will better relate to and engage with the youth. This is pivotal because the nation is dominated by young people, as he can better understand the needs, desires, and motivations of the youth, leading to a more engaged and motivated team and state at large.

M. J. Barde built a very successful and well renowned institution for himself as a business man from ground level and will do the same for Gombe as the State Governor if elected and as such, he is currently the best candidate for the position. Therefore, I urge us all, indigenes and residence of Gombe State to give M. J. Barde our mandate come Saturday, 18th of March, 2023.

Hon. Hamagham Peter Ishaku
Technology & Renewable Energy Integration Expert
Former House of Assembly Aspirant

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