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With GYB and Kogi State, The 20b Naira Lie Won’t Stick



Why is Wilson Uwajaren the EFCC Spokesperson bent on embarrassing his Boss Abdulrasheed Bawa and the Commission? Who is beating the sour drum and the foul beat that he has chosen to dance to? Why is he unwilling to tread with caution? And who is paying him to malign Kogi State and GYB Governor Yahaya Bello?

The first time the hubris about a certain 20b naira allegedly placed in Sterling Bank by Kogi State was the subject of litigation, Kogi State through very credible sources debunked the falsehood, and a few weeks later the Courts threw the matter away because it was lacking in truth, substance and merit. Unfortunately rather than swallow the humble pie and apologize to the public, to Kogi State and to GYB, the EFCC Spokesperson devised another falsehood, this time, he alleged that Sterling Bank had returned the money to the Central Bank of Nigeria. Can the Bank return monies it does not have to the CBN? Why is the EFCC desperate to deceive Nigerians into believing what is not, and which Piper is playing the tune that the EFCC through her Spokesperson Wilson Uwajaren is dancing to?

Yes we accept that politicians can go to strange lengths to defame and or malign their most dreaded and irrepressible opponent, but to use an organization like the EFCC to blackmail, malign, embarrass and spread falsehood is damaging to the Commission and would most likely destroy the integrity of the EFCC and its Chairman, that is why we wonder, who is out to destroy Bawa? Who wants to rubbish the EFCC? And who stands to benefit from the present danse macabre?

We have countlessly said that no falsehood, deceit, lies, perfidy and tommyrot targeted at Kogi State and the person of GYB will stick, and we have at various fora made true this promise, therefore to watch citizen Wilson Uwajaren’s commitment to deceive and misinform the public regarding a non existent 20b or is it 19.3b laughs, is but stretching reprehensible politics to befuddling heights, must the EFCC through her Spokesperson be drawn into the mucky waters of politics? Why? Who is out to destroy Bawa? And who wants to mess up the credibility of our foremost anti corruption Agency?

May we state without an ounce of equivocation, that there was no money in a fixed deposit account with Sterling Bank that was transferred or returned to the CBN.

That the 20b naira bailout fund now the subject of manifest falsehood by the EFCC was utilized two years ago for the purpose for which it was released, which was the payment of salaries. And that Kogi State does not maintain any fixed deposit account with Sterling Bank from which any monies were allegedly and very falsehood said to have been returned to the CBN.

Finally, the EFCC must purge itself of such embarrassing over reach. And the Chairman of the Commission Mr Abdulrasheed Bawa must call the Spokesperson Mr Wilson Uwajaren to order knowing that the days of trial in the media and outright falsehood must be made shibboleth.

As 2023 approaches we shall not suffer fools gladly, we shall in pushing for GYB For President put before the world the competency and the capacity of GYB, and with vehemence we shall shoot down every falsehood, gibberish and perfidy targeted at GYB. God Bless Nigeria.

Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr
National Coordinator

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