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Yahaya Bello is the Face of the New Generation of Thinkers in Leadership – Prof Nwaokobia Jnr



Prof Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr, The National Co-ordinator “Got Your Back Nigeria” has described Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state as the face of new generation of Thinkers in Leadership.

Prof Chris stated this in his key Note address on Thursday at the Premier of Adoza ,a short documentary in honour of the Governor by the GYB2PYB Movement a political Support Group.

Part of the statement Reads: “I am honoured to be the Keynote Speaker at an auspicious event of this magnitude where Young People have risen to the challenge to birth and berth a new nation where competency, capacity and commitment to the common good is summum bonum”.

“12months ago enterprising and patriotic young men and women took the guantlet and like the Prophets of old elected to transverse the nation calling out for a new thinking in leadership and a new deal for the masses of our Country”.

“Yes, having identified that my friend and Brother Governor Yahaya Bello is phenomenal and committed to the values they hold dear, the group from Governor Yahaya Bello GYB to President Yahaya Bello PYB fondly called GYB2PYB was born. As we commemorate the first anniversary of this Movement Compatriots, the call to duty is glaring and resounding, and the challenge to make real the promises you hold dear huge”.

“Our nation is in dire need of new tendencies and new thinking in leadership. Our nation is calling for new helms men and women with ideas relevant to the challenges of the 21st century. Our nation is calling out her Young People to do a redemptive surgical work on our body politics. And our people are tired of recycling the same generation of leaders. Indeed that reality and more is the reason we are here gathered”.

“Governor Yahaya Bello fondly called GYB is the face of the new generation of thinkers in leadership. He exemplifies the competency and the capacity needed to take our nation out of the nadir to promise. He has done wonders in Kogi State, from the turf of Security to the planes of Education, from Infrastructural Development to Youth Engagement, from Agriculture, Food and Rice Production to Skill Training and Acquisition, from improved Medical Facilities to Workers welfare, from running the most resounding gender inclusive administration in Africa to running the State government with the most credible record of financial discipline and decency as attested to by the World Bank, the GYB feats fit the card and GYB is the quintessential leader that Nigerians crave for come 2023”.

“The GYB2PYB Movement is that patriotic vehicle that blazed the trail in what has become a national fervency. There is before us today the Youth O’clock fervency, there is the cliche called Youthocracy, there is the Youths For Youths fervency, there is the Got Your Back Nigeria fervency, there is GYB Nigeria, and there are thousands of groups calling out GYB to throw his hat in the ring, and to become the Peoples President come 2023. It is a call to duty, and one that in so many ways GYB has said YES to”.

“At 46years of age making him the youngest serving two term Governor in today’s Nigeria, GYB has not only shown competency and capacity, he has youth and energy, he is active and vivacious, he has the candour and the presence of mind, he is respectful and humble, and he is adroit and alert. He is urbane, cosmopolitan and patriotic and he fits the call of Nigerians for a President that is sagacious, fit, patriotic, proactive, and attune with the challenges of a highly progressive world. Indeed the mantra across the Nigerian political space is unequivocally from GYB2PYB. And God willing it will come true”.

“Compatriots, the challenge before us is onerous, the cross monstrous, the work to be done huge, but be not deterred for where there is a will there is a way. The WILL is evident and we are the WAY. We are that generation that shall berth a nation where the biases of religion and ethnicity shall be swallowed by love, justice, equity and fairness. We are the grail bearers of the long awaited redemption. We are the holders of the promises that our founding fathers envisaged. We are the Stars of the new dawn, and together with the chief vision, mission and purpose bearer GYB we shall make real the promises of nationhood and the greatness of democracy”.

“The Short Movie to be premiered today is instructive on three grounds”.

“The first is that the middle name of Governor Yahaya Bello, ADOZA means the Father of Nations, the Father of Men and women, and in so many ways this like the Biblical Abraham, and Ibrahim in the Holy Quran have become true. GYB from his University days to his present estate as the Governor of Kogi State has been the Father of Many. He is indeed a manifestation of the truism of the prophetic name ADOZA”.

“The second is that in this premiere the GYB2PYB Movement has etched a new script on our corporate canvass as a polity. Today we are honoured to see the person who wants to be President as he is. We are knowing him before a formal declaration for the high office of President, and that is novel and new to this clime, thanks to the initiative of the GYB2PYB Movement, we are taking our politics to new heights”.

“And the third is that the name ADOZA shall resonate in many ways forthwith for it defines the moment, it defines GYB and it defines the call of a nation in search of true brotherhood, sustained growth and redemption. Every letter of the name ADOZA speaks to the urgency of now.
A- Adroit and Amazing
D- Dexterous, Deep and Didactic
O- Outstanding and Overwhelming
Z- Zestful and Zealous
A- Alert and Awesome. ADOZA.
Compatriots every word here above used are genuinely descriptive of the person under whose political plumage we today assemble. GYB is the man of the moment and hour, and we completely trust that the quest for a new Nigeria is his unalterable commitment and destiny”.

“Finally Countrymen and women, do not fear the political Goliaths of today, take note Folks, to every Goliath there is a David and a season, therefore sustain the fervency, keep the faith and go through the length and the breadth of this nation with the message of hope and faith knowing and believing that together with GYB a new and a better Nigeria is possible”.

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