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Youths For Youths, Youth O’clock, GYB and The Urgency of Now



Interestingly our nation and our young people are rising up and speaking up. Before now the question has always been about who has the deepest pocket, who has the war chest, who has stolen the most money and who can deploy the most resources to win the high office of President, Tinubu, Atiku and their foot soldiers are still visibly locked in that past.

The question today is manifestly different. The young people are asking, why not us? Why can’t one of us be President? Why can’t we galvanise and produce a President amongst us? Who says we can’t out perform the old? What are they going to give Nigeria that they haven’t given? Why can’t they trust one of their Mentees with power come 2023 or are they so poor in mentorship and mentoring that they do not have a Mentee they can trust?

The odds are different, the times have changed and the traditional political order is up for a rude awakening. The young people have chosen one of their own for the high office of President come 2023, and they are doing so across Party lines, across the nation, and indiscriminate of what Partisans think. The young people are saying that after 61years of trying the same tendencies at the highest level, we want to produce a President whose loyalty is to the nation and to her largest population demography, and not to a few Godfathers. The young people are saying that the time for a new nation, a new Nigeria and a new deal is now, and there is no going back.

There is a consensus that all the political parties and indeed the two major parties must settle for young candidates, and at all levels it should be between the ages 55 and below, and this is centred on the time tested call for a new tendency and orientation in leadership, for when you have tried a certain normative over and over without visible and viable change, sanity calls for a new deal and a new thinking. Any leader above 60years of age who has not mentored a young person he/she can trust with power at the centre come 2023 is a failure, and Nigeria is not ready to reward such failures anymore.

Going forward the vibrant young people who predominate our voter demography and dominate the population demographics are united in the call for young people to take back our Country through a peaceful ballot based revolution come 2023. It is a call for national redemption. A call for effective, efficient and effectual leadership. A call for 21st century compliant watchmen and women across the various layers and levers of leadership and across Partisan divides. It is a call for the Nigeria of our collective dreams where though tongues and tribes differ we stand in Brotherhood. Yes, only the young people of today’s Nigeria have such entrenched predilection. And together we shall berth a united and prosperous Nigeria.

In the Phenomenal Governor Yahaya Bello GYB, the young dynamic Governor of the Confluence State of Kogi, the young people have found their own, they have found a detribalised, a broad-minded, a patriotic and a proactive leader who sees the growth, progress and development of Nigeria as his unalterable commitment. GYB fits the call for new thinking in leadership, and fills the line of competency and capacity in Governance. GYB is the choice of the young people for the high office of President come 2023. Across the States the call resonates, and everywhere our young people are the call will always be ‘…since power is not served alacarte we have chosen through this peaceful ballot based revolution to take power and to fix our Country for the good of all, the young and the old alike’.

To those who are yet concerned about the scorecard that makes GYB phenomenal, and the unassailable choice of the young people for the high office of President come 2023, a visit to, and a studied research of the glowing feats which has made GYB the most celebrated public office holder in today’s Nigeria will do some good. Do not pander to beer parlour tales, seek the truth, for it is said, ‘…and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free’.

Finally Compatriots, the urgency of now is profoundly manifest in the call of the young people to support fellow young people in the quest for national redemption. This generation of Nigerians must make true that ageless call of Franz Fanon that ‘..every generation out of relative obscurity discovers its mission, Fulfills or betrays it.’ We must therefore rise to the challenge, and fulfill the mission of birthing and berthing a new, better and prosperous Nigeria. With GYB We Move!!!

God Bless Nigeria.

Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr.
National Coordinator

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